In 2019, what if....

Yes, this is the same post we’ve been seeing on social media throughout 2018. And ignored it like several others. After all who can really think about a day without Google, Facebook, Youtube, Instagram, Swiggy or Uber. I mean how would you eat, drink, learn or travel. All you can do is sleep (Thank God we don’t need an app for it!).

The World is in our pocket and Google is our best friend, it will find you solution to almost all your problems. But then there are people who are limited by physical or mental disability; it creates a barrier for them to interact with this World. Isn’t it somewhat more unfair towards them?

This was the question that popped up in our head. And as authors of digital products, we thought there is something we should do to make web more reachable to people with disabilities. So, starting this new year, we have decided to research and implement Web Accessibility features in every product that we create. We believe information should be accessible to everyone and we are committed to do our part to make it happen.

Happy New Year :-)