Digital Transformation of Cardinality

The Project

The task in hand was to change the perspective of the audience and we knew it would be very difficult. There were many challenges we faced but made every possible effort to work on every detail with perfection

Problem Statement

Cardinality Ltd. wanted to change the way people perceived them. The current website represented a Startup with innovative ideas in the big data domain in telecom sector. Now they have been making an impact for almost half a decade and have solved some really critical problems of the World’s largest telecom service providers. With this they felt the need of a new website that can show what they do and how they do it.

The Tech Stuff

The domain was - Big Data and for us it was no less than Rocket Science. Teaching the designers about technology, platforms, products and processes felt like pushing the water uphill.

Information - A lot of it

Cardinality team is really passionate about what they do and wanted to describe each and everything on the website. We also felt that it was necessary but with lot of information it becomes difficult to structure the content and maintain the visual aspect.

Diagrams and
flow charts

There were a lot of diagrams related to the platform, products and their use cases. We had to understand what each component in the diagram depicts and find ways to improve it. Each diagram was unique and had to be custom created after a lot of research.


In projects like these, it is very probable that with our limited knowledge we might depict things wrongly. So it was necessary for us to validate each and every graphic from some industry expert, and who better than the Cardinality team themselves. Each diagram, infographic and product icon had to be validated by the Cardinality team before we could use. On several occasions they helped us to identify the mistakes and we then had several revisions until we hit the bull’s eye.


The project was handed over to us just a few weeks before the MWC where Cardinality team was to participate. They were expecting to meet new clients and creating new partnerships. It was really critical to launch the website before the event.

'We' were a challange

Yes, we ourselves were a challenge to the project. The previous version of the website was designed by us and we had been helping Cardinality managing and maintaining it. But all this time we had created our own perspective about the Cardinality. The biggest challenge we faced was to wash away our previous experience and thoughts to create something fresh and new.

Group 303
Group 302

What does the
client say

Working with Grey Hatch was a game-changer for our website. They expertly handled content restructuring, crafted engaging infographics and motion graphics, and delivered beyond our expectations. Their professionalism and creativity were outstanding. Highly recommend them for anyone looking to elevate their digital presence.

Prasahant Kumar