a website (that works)
a tech partner
to build a MVP
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Hi! We are Grey Hatch
We build digital platforms (Websites, Apps and Web based applications) and then help promote them (Digital Marketing)
Startups come to us when they need a headstart. They want to emerge out from the competition and showcase what they are capable of.
Established business come to us when they feel the need to go beyond what they already do. With the ever changing technology and market, great leaders see a need to redefine the how, why and what.
Have a great idea
but don’t know
how to go about it?
A perfect company needs a perfect digital agency.
Think of us as experienced (tech) chefs, order what you want and we make it by mixing product knowledge with our ability to craft beautiful websites and mobile apps.

Your business is now ready to grow!
Is technology your Achilles' Heel?
Sometimes obstacles are a blessing in disguise. Technology is a medium and not a hinderance.

Stuck wondering how to get an e-commerce website or perhaps a mobile app for your growing business.
We build, you sell!
Managing the business seems like a battle?
Is your business in need of a custom software to enable your team to collaborate and work seamlessly? Let us cover you from the side so that you do what you always wanted to do, ATTACK!!
Want to reach out to more customers?
Want to promote your business (without going broke)?
Leave the old-school methods, embrace the technology!