How we use WhatsApp for Business and how you can too

Ever since WhatsApp was acquired by Facebook in 2014 for $19 billion it was rumoured to extend the functionalities of the app beyond just messaging. With the advent of WhatsApp business, it stands true. Social messaging apps like WhatsApp and Hike have changed the way we communicate. WhatsApp is arguably the largest messaging platform and people are using it as a part of their business. If you’re a business you must leverage these apps to reach your audience. WhatsApp means business now!

Below is a list I have created of how you can integrate WhatsApp with your business if you haven’t already.

1. Internal communications

Your employees must be reluctant to learn new messaging tool you’ve been trying to implement but the best thing about WhatsApp is everyone uses it. A lot! You don’t need to ask your team to check their WhatsApp as they’re always on it. We have created a group of Grey Hatch to share business details instantly. With WhatsApp Web, communication can be done in an office over the laptop as well.

2. Customer communications

People are reluctant to pick calls from unknown numbers but are more likely to respond to personal messages. With WhatsApp, you can communicate to your customers about their order status, delivery status and now even payments.

3. Marketing and promotions

Leverage the power of instant messaging and use it for marketing and promotion of your brand and products. You can share details of a new product, offers and brochures with your client. Absolut did a viral WhatsApp campaign in 2015 at the cost of a single sim! Absolut WhatsApp Campaign YouTube

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4. On your website

You can have a sticky button on your site to enable your visitors to instantly reach you via WhatsApp similar to what Grey Hatch Innovations did. Instead of having a chat now window on your website you can divert the users to your official WhatsApp business account. With more focus towards user engagement, according to me, business in near future would replace live chat with WhatsApp chat.

5. Sharing blog articles

If you have a blog for your business website use WhatsApp share button apart from social share buttons. Your blog articles are probably read more on mobile devices and that is enough reason to enable WhatsApp sharing. It’s more convenient and easy for your readers. People can instantly share your articles with friends and family.

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6. Creative uses for WhatsApp

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