Integrate WhatsApp Business App With Your Business

WhatsApp Business, a separate app targeted towards small and medium businesses (SMBs) has been launched and is available to download. The app helps SMBs to connect with their customers. The app is the part of WhatsApp Business initiative (which includes WhatsApp Payments as well). For now, the app is targeted towards SMBs but WhatsApp could extend the functionalities of the app for larger business and could charge them as well. This iteration is free for now.

WhatsApp Business is a separate app and your customers won’t have to download a separate app to interact with your business. Though as a business owner you have to download the WhatsApp Business app.

You can also access WhatsApp Business via WhatsApp Web so you can contact your customers via desktop also.

Here is how you can integrate WhatsApp Business with your business

A key point to remember when you set up WhatsApp Business account on your mobile.

You’ll need a new number to run WhatsApp Business. WhatsApp only allows only one mobile number to be associated with one WhatsApp account. It’s best if you buy a new SIM to keep your business chats separate. If your current number is being used for WhatsApp, you can’t use it for WhatsApp Business.

Now, if you don’t want to buy a new SIM there is a workaround

What’s with the restriction of new number? Probably it makes it easier for them to verify a business account from a normal account. Overtime business users will also receive a green tick to verify that the business account is genuine similar to Facebook’s blue tick. Of course, not all business will be verified and this would depend on the business itself.

With the integration of WhatsApp Payment, WhatsApp Business has the potential to be something really big. Go on download the app and start taking the benefit of the new WhatsApp Business app.

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